If You Have Gutters, You Need Gutter Guards

The Leaf Terminator®

Residential Gutter Protection Features Unique Perforations to Prevent Gutter Clogs

Leaf Terminator exclusive perforation pattern keeps gutters free flowing.

The Leaf Terminator® provides an effective solution to your gutter problems. Its patented design features our exclusive perforation pattern, with water flow ridges and valleys, to stop leaves and debris from clogging your home's gutters. Eliminating clogged gutters keeps you from having to do the dirty job of cleaning your gutters and keeps you from having to climb a dangerous ladder.

The Leaf Terminator® is designed to fit over your existing gutters and attaches to your roof deck and the top of your gutters to give it a clean look. It adds beauty and value while protecting your home from damage due to clogged and overflowing gutters.  The Leaf Terminator® has passed rigorous, independent testing and is certified to withstand 110 mph winds with no lift or movement (Category 2 hurricane) as well as withstand 22 inches of rainfall per hour.  Simply put, this gutter protection system can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it.  The Leaf Terminator® gutter guard will perform as promised in the harshest weather conditions - and that keeps you safe and off your roof!

The Leaf Terminator® comes in three sizes, which makes it the perfect gutter protection system for any job!  It is available in a variety of the most popular colors, including genuine copper, and can be used with nearly any roof style. Our product blends directly into your existing gutters with easy installation, no mounting brackets or hangers for that attractive look of your home that you desire.

The Leaf Terminator® offers you protection, performance and peace of mind.

Made in the USA by Gutter Covers International

The Leaf Terminator® is proudly manufactured in the USA by Gutter Covers International, a family-owned business. Since 1995, Gutter Covers International has manufactured a variety of products for a wide range of applications and budgets. And weʼre continually developing additional products to protect your home so that the independent companies that represent our products can recommend the very best product designed specifically for your home.

Protection • Performance • Peace of Mind