If You Have Gutters, You Need Gutter Guards

Recommended by Leading Consumer Magazine

Gutter Topper Is Highest Rated "Surface Tension" System

A leading consumer magazine tested a number of gutter guard systems for debris and performance.  Of the gutter guard systems, Gutter Topper was a recommended choice and the highest-rated "surface tension" system.

How Gutter Topper Gutter Guards Performed in Independent Testing
Gutter Topper was tested for debris buildup, wind and rain in independent tests. Gutter Topper gutter guards exceeded expectations in all three categories:
Debris is based on a mixture of leaves, bark, twigs and pine needles. The test conditions and methods were developed to simulate normal conditions that occur in most areas of the United States.

On Debris—Gutter Topper was rated Excellent
Wind is ability to withstand straight line winds without any lift or movement.

On Wind—Gutter Topper withstood winds of 110 mph (winds equivalent to a category 2 hurricane) without any lift or movement.

On Rain—Gutter Topper handled the equivalent of 22 inches of rainfall per hour.

Again, no competitive gutter guard system has scored higher in any category than Gutter Topper in independent testing. Independent testing confirms you make a wise choice when you select Gutter Topper.